But Why? TLDR; For fun.

Leopard or Cheetah: Make Spotting the Difference Fun!

Have you ever looked at a picture of a cheetah or a leopard and wondered which is which? You're not alone. These majestic big cats have some striking similarities, but they also have unique features that set them apart. That's why we've created our web app, "Leopard or Cheetah," a fun and educational game that challenges your wildlife identification skills!

The Purpose

Our mission with this web app is to bring the excitement of the animal kingdom right to your fingertips. By learning to identify the differences between cheetahs and leopards, you'll not only have a blast playing the game, but you'll also develop a deeper appreciation for these incredible creatures. Plus, you'll gain valuable knowledge that you can show off to your friends and family during your next visit to the zoo or wildlife park!

The Gameplay

In "Leopard or Cheetah," you'll be presented with two unlabeled images - one of a cheetah and one of a leopard. Your task is to correctly identify the cheetah. Get it right, and you'll see a satisfying, celebratory animation to boost your confidence. Get it wrong, and you'll be met with a gentle reminder to try again. With each new set of photos, you'll sharpen your identification skills and become a true cheetah-spotting expert.

Enough of this nonsense, take me back to identifying cheetahs.

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